Define & optimize your core processes

We’ve triaged over a thousand mission-critical
business processes in enterprises of all types and
sizes, from start-ups to Fortune® 500.

We’ve triaged manual workflows, fully
automated processes, and everything in

We triage processes from their design and
conception phase to processes that threaten
business continuity; your business’s very life. In
fact, the hotter the kitchen the better.

While we focus your team to lead your
improvements, process triaging is not play; it’s
intense, and demands your best expert’s efforts.

We never forget that you are triaging because
you can’t stand the pain, that things must
change, and your team should be given the first
shot at it.

Process Triage Case Studies

1. Large Manufacturing

  • Client Profile: Large, manufacturer of commercial refrigerated display cases for supermarkets with international production and assembly plants.
  • Processes Triaged: Order-to-Cash.  From the moment a Sales Order is submitted to the factory, through creation of the factory order, manufacturing, delivery, installation, t receipt of final payment.Process Capability Goal: Reduce SG&A run rate, double the workflow volume and speed up the workflow 50%.
  • Business Results: The triage team identified and prioritized 27 Small NowSM action items and 12 Big NowSM project-size process improvements.  The leadership used these team-driven proposals to refocus IT infrastructure spending, update organizational roles and responsibilities.What pleased the triage team most:‘Seeing the whole Order-to-Cash process flow’‘Team collaboration of the most important things to work on to meet objectives.’‘Pain points on the process map.’‘The process was fast paced, interesting, and provided a way to address challenges.’
  • Facilitators Remarks: “100+ points of pain and 39 Smalls ‘n Big’s suggests many months of improvement effort, especially the highly ranked Big’s related to IT systems. Don’t wait on the non-IT Small’s that can be assigned and scheduled now.”

2. Non-Profit

  • Client Profile: This international non-profit manages a membership organization recruits and provides coaching and learning resources to 3,400 groups
  • Processes Triaged: The Member Life-Cycle, from the moment a prospective member expresses interest until the time their membership ends.  This includes the recruiting and support model of group leaders.Process Capability Goal: Grow the business to 4,210 groups by June 30, 20XX; Includes new and renewals
  • Business Results: The triage team identified and prioritized 5 Small NowSM action items and 9 Big NowSM project-size process improvements, a very ambitious slate of improvements for a non-profit.What pleased the triage team most:‘Ranking the Small / Big Now’s’‘Visual identification of flow of process & points of pain with steps to fix.’‘Seeing how each piece drives the next and how “pains” affect customer vs. internal.’‘Customers realism, business rule clarity.’‘Identifying how the business needs to drive our IT efforts & how to do that.’
  • Facilitators Remarks: This non-profit’s ratio of more projects than action items is typical of organizations with limited or extremely conservative cash flow.  The triage focused the leadership team on most valuable improvements and recognized they may not complete the whole list.

3. Human Resources Staffing

  • Client Profile: A national engineering and construction project management company depends upon ability to staff special skills.The sponsor wanted to improve process Improvement; team member education; and leader development
  • Processes Triaged: From Position Requirement identified through the hiring / placement process until the employee’s probation period is completed.Process Capability Goals: Devise a robust process that will deliver high quality and Customer satisfaction supported by effective measurement and tracking tools;.
    1. Evaluate Current Staffing Tools
    2. Onboarding process – Hire to Placement
    3. Establish Technical Screeners for Specific Clients/Skills
    4. Transition Process – Operational and Contract renewals
    5. Pricing model for all staffing opportunities
    6. Time/expenses tracking and Invoicing Process

    Learning and Growth

  • Business Results:  The triage team identified and prioritized 13 Small Now action items and 3 Big Now project-size process improvements.What pleased the triage team most:‘Process mapping’
    ‘It was an open dialog without executive management in attendance/taking part.’‘The triage exams; timelines in the process.’.Building the process to where everyone could see.’‘Group pain discussion and how we (up-process) affect those after us (down-process).
  • Facilitators Remarks: This very high action-item to project ratio indicated this team and their process are very capable and that their capability goal was within reach.

4. Commercial Engineering & Construction

  • Client Profile: A nation-wide commercial pad-site engineering and construction company serving the franchise pad-site model fast food industry.
  • Processes Triaged: From Request for Proposal thru Construction Complete and Final Payment Received.  This complex process involved identifying and subcontracting trade-specific subcontractors in the top metropolitan areas.Process Capability Goals: Improve construction process procedures & practices that yield “Recommend Our Company” quality and meet or exceed project’s target margin by 12/31/20XX.
  • Business Results: The triage team identified and prioritized 24 Small NowSM action items and 7 Big NowSM project-size process improvements.  They attacked the Small Now’sSM and worked most of them off within two months.  They shifted and clarified job responsibilities to improve subcontractor bid quality.What pleased the triage team most:‘Showed differences’‘Learning the process; seeing action’‘Flowchart / Steps / Pain points of the process’‘[Identifying] Pain Points’‘Listing items for improvement’‘Bringing issues to the table.’‘Defining order to improve bottom line.’
  • Facilitators Remarks: The sponsor and host served their roles in the triage superbly.  The triagers offered to work on their suggestions and the leadership backed them up.  One team worked almost all of their Small Now action items off within a month or two.  They have scheduled a refresh, having worked the original list.
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