Chris White, Certified EOS Implementer

Chris is a 3rd generation entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship has been a part of Chris’ life since an early age, as he watched his father build two successful companies from scratch before embarking on his own journey in the business world.  Over the years, he developed and strengthened his entrepreneurial skills through direct experience, keen observations, education, and a strong work ethic, all the while learning from his mistakes.

Working in corporate sales for a family-owned Motorola distribution company, he took a neglected territory and increased sales and gross profit margins 110% to become the company’s second leading territory six years in a row. Chris built a significant client base that included numerous city and county municipalities, manufacturing plants, paper mills, schools and hospitals. In addition, he developed and secured successful corporate accounts including Harley Davidson, Miller Brewing Company, Kohler, Honda and Ford Motor Company.  After his corporate sales experiences, Chris found himself gravitating toward the challenge of starting and building his own business.

He partnered with a software engineer and forged a successful software company from the ground up. Chris provided leadership and coordination of the company sales and marketing functions as well as develop targeted markets. After years of business development and hard-earned sales growth, the programming rights for the POS software program were sold for seven figures to a fortune 500 company. Chris then entered the medical industry with a custom EHR program designed specifically for Podiatrists. Focusing on the doctors needs, the software quickly became a dominant player in the industry. In time, the EHR software program and the entire company were purchased for a substantial amount. Chris didn’t waste anytime looking back on his accomplishments and with his wife Darlene, they started a new company that provides an online education program for physicians and their staff wanting to be trained on medicare approved products and services. The company quickly filled an enormous gap in the medical industry and is now solely under his wife’s direction as Chris dedicates his time to teaching the EOS model to business owners across the country.

Through spending time in the trenches, taking his share of lumps along the way and learning as he went, Chris is uniquely qualified to coach and facilitate through helping business leaders clarify, simplify and achieve their visions. His passion and dedication as a full-time implementer of the Entrepreneurial Operating System is contagious, whether in session or delivering a keynote address!

He works throughout the United States but makes his home in Central Florida with his wife, Darlene.


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