Struggling with The Process Component?

The Process Component – Improved.

Many companies struggle with finding the time to effectively document and optimize their core processes. In order to help our clients deepen their mastery of the process component, Traction in Florida CEO, Chris White, partnered with process expert Rosey Rosenberger to bring you ProcessTriage.

What is Process Triage?

Process Triage is a proven best-practice to delegate and elevate issue processing deeper into the organization. It places issue processing of your core, customer-facing, driveshaft processes into the hands of those who do the work every day – front line, go-go experts.

How Do We Improve Process?

To learn more about ProcessTriage or to schedule a speaking engagement or workshop, download our one-page flyer for contact information and more detail to share with your team and network.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your team

master the Process Component!