As a Certified EOS® Implementer, I love seeing my clients decide to make Process Triaging a major process one of their early Rocks.  The prioritized list of improvement opportunities dovetails really well with EOS’ Rocks, To-Do’s and Issues.  More importantly, PT creates absolute clarity about who within the process is accountable for what.  That clear, simple accountability is the foundation of everything else.

Dan Wallace – Partner at Tailwind Discovery Group – Tailwind Discovery Group


During an all-day Strategic Planning session with our EOS consultant Chris White we identified some significant gaps within our business process. It became evident that we were not going to solve the issue that day and Chris recommended we speak to Joseph” Rosey” Rosenberger. We have a complex process with many touch points and a few cumbersome software systems whose connectivity as difficult at best. We were extremely skeptical that an outsider could help diagnose our issues let alone help lead the effort to develop a solution. After speaking with Rosey he somehow convinced us he could help and in fact do it in one day. With some reluctance, we agreed to have a

With some reluctance, we agreed to have a one day “Process Triage Session” with Rosey. As requested, we assembled a cross-sectional team representative of the various disciplines throughout the organization and met offsite for our session. In quick order Rosey explained how Process Triage worked and how it was industry agnostic. We quickly dove into the process and by mid-day had our process outlined on a massive 30’x 6’ ft. wall. Once completed, Rosey lead us thru an exercise to identify our pain points and triaged their solutions and make assignments to fix. We ended the day having identified and prioritizing 22 improvements with teams assigned to fix. Six months later 18 of 22 have been addressed and fixed while we are awaiting assistance from our primary supplier to finish the remaining four.

Our engagement with Rosey and Process Triage “although painful at times”, was a terrific experience and critical as we build a bullet-proof process to grow our organization. I recommend Rosey to anyone looking to build a strong process for their business. He is a fantastic facilitator who also happens to be a great guy.

Ken Patrick – President and CEO of Environments at Work – Environments at Work

The day of Process Triage was engaging for all of the staff that participated, and they were fired up about the improvements to be made. Rolling out our new process map to the organization as a whole has resulted in an increased sense of ownership of individual roles in the overall processes, and is filling the accountability gaps that existed previously. Perhaps the biggest impact is the continued elevation of service and results to our clients. Looking forward to triaging additional processes in the future.

Jason Donovan – Marketing & Advertising – Cardinal Web Solutions

What impressed me most of all was how quickly the work was accomplished.  Process Triage is a methodology that very rapidly captures the “current state”, along with moments of truth and pain points.  The power of Process Triage is that the work is done collectively by our own subject matter experts, resulting in a high level of agreement and ownership.  The resulting process map gave us an excellent starting to point to negotiate changes to our processes in a very intentional way.  One of our most immediate opportunities was to simply enforce policies that we already had in place!

Lance Floer – President and COO – Excel Homes

Thanks for facilitating two days of excellent triage sessions. The teams felt that the sessions allowed everybody to better understand the process along with what improvements were necessary to make it better. This will definitely improve the engagement of the participants and help us improve the organization.

Prince Niyyar – CEO – Commdex


As a trained Chemical Engineer, I am well-versed in process. When introducing Rosey to my groups, I make the exaggerated point that we don’t wake up every morning to the news that another chemical plant has blown up. Remember, these plants can involve volatile chemicals, high temperatures and high pressures. Yet it is very rare that such events occur. Why? Because the engineers built a process that works, time and time again. From design to modeling to construction, the process is clear and VISIBLE to all involved.

I know of very few business that are that clear about their processes. Most are invisible with no defined/documented process and procedures. Rosey’s Process Triage makes business processes VISIBLE. I have been adamant about encouraging ALL my members to take advantage of Rosey’s expertise and provide the process to truly take their businesses to another level!

Larry Hart – Group Chair – Vistage International