We at EnableSoft are long time believers in having a system of dashboards, meetings, priorities and structure to operate our company.  We were using a system for at least five years prior to signing up with Traction in Florida.  Nearly all of my peer group CEOs were implementing Traction and experiencing great success.  The only question for us was whether we do it ourselves or hire Traction in Florida. Since engaging with Chris White nearly two years ago to guide us, our firm has made an amazing transformation from a lifestyle to a growth company.  We would likely not have been able to move as fast as we did without the competent outside coaching.  While the Traction system’s genius is reducing the complex to make it useful, Traction in Florida’s value is empowering companies to gain traction at the speed of business.

Richard Milam, CEO EnableSoft

EOS has been instrumental in our efforts to manage our company as we undergo a transition from “Too Small to be Big and Too Big to be Small”. The simplicity of the system has made this challenging time for us practical to execute. It also has forced clarity to formulating a clear vision for our company and establishing what “success” will look like when we get there. It has transformed our management effectiveness in meeting our objectives along the way. While there are several similar tools out there, our experience has been that this is a tremendous tool with proven success. The help we have received from Chris has been key to making this work for us. He is a consummate professional with a passion in helping us become successful. His background allows him to speak “our language” on a personal level through to group dynamics in leading our planning sessions and discussions that has empowered our team to execute.

Robert Abascal, Founder & CEO AVT Simulation

As President of a small, yet fast growing business, we were constantly battling against the difficulties that are common with delegation and clear accountability, when roles are frequently changing. Chris White helped us to use the EOS process to clearly set our future and then break down the necessary steps to get there. Having Chris to help hold our leadership team accountable has been an invaluable resource to help us break down barriers that had been holding us back, as well as put Traction into our everyday business.

Christopher Lazzara, President, Neptune Research,Inc.


Chris has turned our company around implementing EOS with us. We originally thought we could do it on our own, but we were mistaken.  We believe it is essential to have an implementer involved to truly bring your company to the next level.  In just 3 months with the guidance of Chris, we have literally turned our company around and have found traction.  We have a ways to go, but we would have never arrived at this point without Chris.  This is not a philosophy, this is a ‘how to’ program.  We are using the EOS tools on a daily and weekly basis, and don’t know how we accomplished anything before EOS.  Chris’ style allows us to make sure everyone has a voice and enables us to make those hard decisions.  Each member on our leadership team highly recommends Chris to any owner looking to bring focus, accountability and vision to their company. Chris will undoubtedly bring your company to the next level.  Many, many thanks Chris.  We look forward to continuing to gain traction with your guidance.

Beth Hurley, Integrator/Owner of Americraft Cookware


Even though Chris says we weren’t the worst he had seen I sincerely doubt it, we needed focus help worse than you can imagine.  This process is not for the light hearted; and head-strong mega-egos need not apply as you have to give into the process if you really want to see it work.  This process has changed us so much for the better that we are considering making it a must-do criteria for any vendor that wants to work with us to go through.  We couldn’t have done it without Chris!

Bryan Hurley, President/Owner of Americraft Cookware


“I embraced the EOS system nearly two years ago and I can say that this is one of the best business decisions I have made.  It has taken my company and transformed it into a well-oiled machine going from 2nd gear to 6th gear all because of our adherence to the EOS model.  My executive team members are now on the same page as everyone is working to achieving the company rocks. I cannot say enough about the genius behind EOS and actively pass on the word, just not to my competitors.”

Dr. Michael E. Graham, Founder & President of GraMedica


“I love Chris’s commitment and passion about EOS. He is there for us when we need him and have an in-depth understanding of the EOS model. He knows how to handle different personalities and run the EOS process efficiently. Chris played a huge role in the progress we’ve made so far in implementing the EOS model”.

Amjad Shamim, Owner, AAJ Technologies


The first thing I would like to say is THANKS to Chris and the EOS System. It’s been a life changing move for me, my wife and our entire company. I met Chris at a monthly CEO round table meeting that he was introducing his services and it was like I was at a sermon and your saying to yourself, that’s me you’re talking about. I knew right away this was something that we needed to do ASAP. I live, eat and breathe EOS. I tell all of my business associates about it and encourage them to at least look into it for their sake and mine. Traction, like they say is nothing new, just all the good ways of running a company compiled into one operating system. You could try it on your own but if you want to be on the fast track to success, hire a pro like Chris to get you on track. That said, I wish this would have happened years ago!!

Good Luck,

Donald Hess Jr. Owner, B & D Enterprises


I personally recommend both Chris White and the EOS process to any business owner, especially if your is successful. Using EOS, Chris was able to help me and my executive team sharpen our blade and address our daily business with more focus using basic time-tested methods. Chris is an excellent team coach who will earn your trust and help you realize your goals.

Hank Goradesky, President, A.G. Findings & MFG Company


We were self-implementing for over 6 months. While we made some progress, it was clear we were not getting the full impact of EOS without professional help! My Wife put me in touch with Chris. He came into our business, did the 90 minute meeting, and my team and I were on board. We immediately scheduled and committed to the necessary sessions for the next year+.

What a difference. Committing to and adhering to a winning system has helped us product double-digit bottom line growth for two consecutive years. We’re now planning next year and expect the same. In fact, we had committed to doubling the size of our company as part of our 5 year target. We recently made an acquisition that now puts us on pace to accomplish this goal. Not to mention, we are NOT necessarily the ideal target market for EOS. In fact, we are quite a bit larger and frankly it doesn’t matter. The system works and Chris was an integral part of helping us build the momentum to do so.

If you want to have a real positive impact on your business performance, put Chris to work for you and your team ASAP. Otherwise, just get use to excepting mediocre results.”

Tim Sheehan, President and CEO Lazydays RV, Tampa, Florida


Under the EOS System, Moseley Construction Group has undergone a significant change in the past two years. Using EOS principles, Moseley’s business processes have become more streamlined and more effective. The leadership team has become more cohesive, and this overall increase in efficiency has increased the growth of my company by a substantial amount. Before EOS I was still working in my company and now I work on my company. For other companies seeking to improve their leadership and their businesses, I would highly recommend the EOS system to them, and specifically Mark Abbott.

Johnny D. Moseley, President
Moseley Construction Group, Inc.


I contracted with Mark Abbott after a stellar referral from one of my peer group members in the Washington DC area and following a presentation Mark conducted for us at one of our meetings. It was a decision that turned out to be an excellent choice for ETTI. Upon tasking a company survey provided by Mark our average score on a scale from 0-100 was a 42. That score categorized us as “average” and the furthest from our company goal and motto of “Journey to Elite.” As we started working with Mark our evaluation scores and processes improved immediately and continued through our past session 18 months after starting the EOS program. Today I’m happy to report our organization has made exceptional progress to an overall score of 89 putting us up with the best of class. Mark has pulled the best from my management team challenging us and building a circle of trust we didn’t have 18 months ago. Not only is Mark exceptional at what he does but consistent & professional.

I would recommend Mark if you’re looking to bring an organization to the next level. I’m also happy to answer any questions personally in regards to EOS or Mark Abbott.

Scott W. Kelly, President
Enterprise Trenchless Technologies, Inc.


Mark Abbott has been helping us here at Cambridge with implementing the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). In the time that I’ve worked with Mark, I’ve been able to see many of his various skills and abilities. In particular, because of his life experiences, he has been invaluable to our company developing the EOS principles.

Mark’s personal insights and business experience brings something unique to our company and has helped us work to achieve greatness in ways that we did not think possible. As a certified implementer of Traction, Mark has been able to see through the heated discussions that we all sometimes engage in and beyond that, to help us learn to define the issues on our own. He has the ability to explain certain principles and processes to us in a way that sticks while simultaneously helping our team realize how those principles will help us achieve our goals. Mark helped us make major improvements in a way that affords for lasting success.

Mark has keen sociable acumen and excels at working with all types of people and all types of personalities, and in that Mark has been able to cater his skills to fit the needs of our family owned business. He takes personal interest, in us as a team, the company as a whole, and our overall success. During his time with us, Mark was able to instill in us the confidence to believe that we will succeed together. I have enjoyed the time that Mark has spent with us as he was a key player in helping Cambridge flourish.

With his superior teaching abilities and commitment, I highly recommend Mark. I am confident that he is a great and welcome fit in any company.

Ray Eriks
Cambridge Companies


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